Aist is an electronic metal band from Los Angeles, CA.  Originally formed in the fall of 2014, the band released their EP titled Giants Pet Me in early 2016.  Aist sets themselves apart with their ability to combine the energy and enthusiasm of the electronic music genre with the hardcore passion of metal.  The music has a rare dichotomy, taking the listener to the edge of fury and bringing it all back to a place of beauty.

The uniqueness of Aist's sound is immediately noticed when witnessing the layout of their dynamic live show.  The two founding members, Curtis Hart and James Cramer, are able to produce a torrent of original music without pre-recorded material.  The deliberate use of technology as an individual enables the band to create themes vastly more intricate and captivating than what is commonly available.  The talent and ability of Aist provides a musical experience that shouldn't be missed.